About Us

Since 1930, groups of volunteers have hosted an agricultural fair in Livingston County, Illinois. This year
the group, members of the Livingston County Agricultural Fair Association, consists of twenty volunteers
who have continued the challenge of hosting an annual Junior Ag Fair. The volunteers maintain the park,
repair buildings, coordinate rentals, upkeep the grounds, provide a host for the campground, and sponsor fundraisers as needed. They proudly sponsor an annual scholarship program for 4-H members. Their goal is to continue a long-held tradition and improve on it so our community has a beautiful park and campground to enjoy and an opportunity to spend time as a family at an outstanding fair, learn about us here.


President: Rick Tucker – (815) 674-1444
Vice-President: Phil Kiefer & Jesse Mackinson
Treasurer: Jim Brown – (815) 343-4717
Secretary: Steve Rapp


Joe Bolen
Sharlene Bullard
Addie Folkerts
Caleb Freese
Adam Girard
Mark Hilleary
Erik Heidenreich

Phil Kratochvil
Korie Lyons
Austin Mehalic
Dallas Mehalic
Melissa Rapp
Jeff Stark

How can you get involved?

The Fair Board meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM. Meetings are held at the Fair Office at the Fairgrounds in Pontiac, IL. Come to a Fair Board meeting or email info@livingstoncountyagfair.com to find out more about us!